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Does China Hold the Key to the Electric Vehicle Market?

While USA automotive giants and their more ancient so much japanese counterparts still grab the headlines, with regards to electric vehicles, it appears the Chinese government is behind a major push across the country. there is growing optimism inside China that electric vehicles can become commonplace across the planet and per se many various greenbacks have been discharged by the Chinese authorities to encourage momentum during this market.

China targets five million electric vehicles by 2020

The fact that the Chinese government has promised to own five million EVs on the road by 2020, a government which terribly seldom build such predictions, has given nice strength to those involved within the Chinese automobile industry. indeed we tend to recently saw the USA authorities give the go-ahead for a takeover of the bankrupt A123 Systems by Wanxiang group of China for a reputed $256 million. This was a corporation which had received in way over $130 million in federal aid and was a groundbreaking developer of electrical automotive batteries.

This move by the USA authorities has given hope for the future amid signs that the 2 political powerhouses of the planet may possibly be willing to figure closer within the electric vehicle market. it’s unclear exactly why the Chinese authorities have determined to place their weight behind the electrical vehicle market this year, especially when you bear in mind relatively unsatisfying sales worldwide in 2012. However, speculation is rife!

Reducing dependence upon oil

The Chinese authorities have for many years currently been reluctant to be excessively dependent upon any mineral or any resources with oil taking centre stage. the govt has clearly determined that moving towards an electric vehicle market can cut back this dependence upon the black gold and ultimately cut back the power and therefore the hold which the U.S. has round the world. There area unit high hopes that this will starter motor a replacement revolution for EVs round the world and indeed improved technology is the key.

It is troublesome to say whether different governments round the world have been too short in their thinking about electric vehicles, resulting in the vacuum of sales in 2012, or indeed whether they were solely paying lip service and not finance all of the funds they’d antecedently promised. the fact that the Chinese government is willing to require the lead and Chinese automobile companies area unit willing to require up the slack within the trade should prompt different governments and different automobile sectors round the world to imitate.

Will 2013 be the year of the electrical vehicle?

Time and time once more specialists have expected that “this year” are going to be the tipping point for electric vehicles which is able to see them crash through into the mass market. whereas time and time once more we’ve got been unsuccessful, the market has pale and sales have been unsatisfying, perhaps the introduction of the Chinese government are going to be the abundant wanted tipping point.

Experts are going to be watching terribly closely sales of electrical cars round the world throughout 2013. they will be watching the financial incentives offered by governments round the world though ultimately it will be down to consumers as to whether this very is the year of the electrical vehicle.


It is unlikely that different governments round the world can wish to be left within the wake of the Chinese authorities having promised five million electric vehicles on Chinese road by 2020. As a consequence, as critical improvements in short technology, battery power, etc it may well be the introduction of the Chinese authorities which finally pushes the ev into the mass market.

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