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Why Do Consumers Not Appreciate the Electric Car Revolution?

It will surprise many of us to learn that electrical vehicles have been around for over one hundred years and indeed electrical cars were accessible well before gasolene driven vehicles. However, if this is the case then why has the electric car revolution been such a dissatisfaction to date?

Whichever means you present the electric vehicle market there is no doubt that sales to date have been dissatisfactory though there has been increased  demand over the last five years approximately. when you take into consideration the enormous quantity of taxpayer’s cash which has been endowed by numerous governments around the world, including the us and UK authorities, why area unit we tend to still looking ahead to electrical vehicles to hit the mass market?


The reality is that unless you search for an electric vehicle in your space you’ll be unlikely to return across one accidentally. they’re not promptly accessible on the forecourts of major car firms around the world and indeed there is little in the means of public advertising on TV, in newspapers and online. much of the news flow associated with the electric vehicle market tends to return from new launches or comments from figures of good standing in the business.

This will change in due course, electrical cars can become additional promptly accessible however at this moment in time you would be far stretched to counsel there is associate degree aggressive in progress promoting campaign!


If you wished to talk about the common electrical vehicle of these days, like the Nisan Leaf, you would most likely notice it terribly tough to return across somebody accidentally that has associate degree in-depth data. the actual fact is that many of us mechanically assume that electrical vehicles area unit unreliable, overhyped and not definitely worth the time and energy taken to research additional, however the fact is incredibly completely different.

Electric vehicle technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the last decade, we have seen hundreds of legion bucks endowed in the arena and additional progress is expected in the battery sector over consequent number of years. As there area unit fewer moving parts at intervals an electric vehicle there is less maintenance required, maintenance is on the complete less-expensive and to any or all intents and purposes it is tough to class them as “unreliable”.

Charging points

When we examine electric car charging points it comes right down to the previous question, what came 1st, the chicken or the egg? the actual fact is that only a few firms area unit willing to invest heavily in the electric car charging sector while not a big number of vehicles on the market to form this worthwhile. On the opposite hand, shoppers area unit unwilling to invest heavily into electrical vehicles while charging stations don’t seem to be promptly accessible thereby exploit us at one thing of associate degree impasse.

The fact is that concerns about charging points area unit perhaps the most reason why shoppers have however to know the electric car revolution. There area unit several mistruths and rumours about car charging points and indeed the vehicle capacity of the common electric car these days. the fact is that unless car makers and governments around the world roll-out aggressive advertising campaigns explaining the case in great detail, and dismembering untruths and rumours, they’ll to any or all intents and purposes be fighting a losing battle.


There is a certain stigma still connected to the electric vehicle market, there area unit concerns about the journey capacity however perhaps one in all the major issues is the issue of car charging points. solely now have we tend to seen governments and corporations around the world issue promises to encourage the introduction of car charging points, solely now have we tend to seen firms fascinated by building car charging points and this may terribly presently wear off on the consumer.

Many people area unit aghast by the journey capacity of the electric vehicle these days however when you take into account that the new Nisan Leaf, to be introduced in 2013, can have a capacity approaching one hundred fifty miles per full charge, how does this compare to the common vehicle? the fact is that many of us can travel but eighty miles in the average day, several of us can ne’er carry comfortable fuel to cover one hundred fifty miles per journey thus once electric car charging points area unit promptly accessible, what’s stopping the consumer?

As we tend to touched on on top of, there will ought to be a rather aggressive promoting campaign by governments and car makers around the world. they’ll ought to dispel a number of the rumours and untruths surrounding the business, they’ll ought to put shopper confidence comfortable and this may ought to be done sooner instead of later. each year that passes with no change in the historic stigma connected to the electric vehicle market is yet one more year of lost investment returns, investment returns on the millions upon legion bucks of taxpayer’s cash endowed in the business thus far. The time is here, the technology is there and now we need to envision untruths and rumours dispelled as presently as doable.

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