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In Car Camera for Road Accidents: Never Be Wrongly Accused of Fault Again

Unfortunately there are a growing number of cases where innocent drivers are being wrongly accused of fault in road traffic accidents. Victims of these events often end up losing vast amounts of money and in some cases they may lose their vehicle (if they are only third-party protected). The problem for many drivers is that they have very little means of challenging any fault claims and proving that they have been wrongly accused.

Until now there have not been many effective ways of preventing bogus insurance claims. The major problem is that a witness is needed at the scene otherwise it is very difficult to prove non-fault in an accident. Many road traffic accidents where there are no witnesses present will rely on ‘hearsay’ evidence. This type of evidence is very limited and will often result in long drawn out cases where both parties argue their innocence.

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Why Should You Have a Dashboard Camera


Dashboard cameras used to be an essential in every police car. They were an innovative gadget that allows police officers to keep track of what they’re up to, from chasing criminals or when making the rounds as part of their patrol duties. These cameras are specifically designed to withstand a great amount of shock, and to fit perfectly inside a car’s dashboard. They have proven to be extremely useful in getting accurate recordings of road accidents, chasing incidents, and other uses.

But over time, when the videos recorded by these police cameras were presented to the public in news (and sometimes in documentaries and reality shows), many people became appreciative of their uses. As a result, the dashboard camera has turned from a police tool into a civilian’s best friend. Today, there are many people who have dashboard cameras installed in their cars.

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Product Review – Belkin Bluetooth Car Hands-Free Kit

The Belkin Bluetooth Car Hands-Free Kit is the ideal choice for those who would like to have the freedom of answering phone calls or listening to music playlists while driving. With its unique feature of transmitting calls and music to its speakers from your smartphone, you needn’t worry about stopping over while driving to attend to pressing matters.

The device has a user-friendly and compact design, which is beneficial to its user. It also has an uncomplicated installation program, the AirCast Auto, which makes life simple for you by easing the connectivity between your phone and the device, without requiring any complicated installation process on your part. The Belkin Bluetooth kit also displays similar simplicities in its operational mechanism and pairing with other devices. Upon activation of the Belkin device and successful pairing, you can immediately begin to play your music in your car, and enjoy its clarity of sound. The same clear sound capacity is observed when answering phone calls.

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