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Cheap Student Car Insurance in California

How does a student get to study if they do not have the right means of transport to their destinations? When a student has no proper transport means, they are likely to be late for their classes and other places that they want to visit because allot of transport is involved while studying. To ease this problem, a student will require a car in order to be at the right place at the right time. Having a car will ask for an insurance cover. The California department of insurance is trying to familiarize college students through a campaign on California low cost automobile insurance program otherwise known as (CLCA). This offers affordable young people with affordable auto insurance rates. The program meets the requirements of California insurance and suits all students studying in California.

CLCA provides affordable liability only car insurance that meets the responsibility of the state in terms of financial laws at a cost less than $400 annually. The aim of such low cost insurance is to avoid uninsured drivers from getting behind the wheel. This also ensures that Californians abide by the law and drive legally. The insurance department has been of late targeting college students but the program is available for anyone who qualifies for it by meeting the requirements. The Californians must be good drivers meaning they should have not damaged property more than once or a violation within the last three years, fault free accident that involved death or bodily injuries in the cour5se of the last three years or no misdemeanor or felony conviction for violating the vehicle code.

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7 Steps To Increase Vehicles Performance And Get More MPG

1. Use only branded engine oil: One must always use a trusted brand engine oil. If you use any oil and if the oil is heavier than what your car engine can operate on, not only will it ruin your engine but with time it will decrease your fuel efficiency by at least 1-2%. Using recommended grade engine oil from trusted brands and changing engine oil in a timely manner results in increased engine life plus it betters fuel efficiency of vehicles and maintains your vehicle until you get an oil change the next time.

2. Change tires: Ruined and badly worn tires are one of the major killers of a car’s mileage per gallon. As tires grow old, their capacity to hold air pressure decreases and decreased air pressure results in the consumption of more engine power to draw the same amount of weight which newer tires can do by maintaining high tire pressure with less energy required. So tires should be kept in good condition as far as possible. They definitely contribute in increased car mileage per gallon terms. New tires can save your fuel up to 3%.

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The Car Shipping Statue

Phil and Jayne stood amid the stone carved horses in the vast hall. They’d read about this in Dr. Stetner’s history class, but they’d never been able to visualize the vastness of it. Phil was planning to go to work for his father’s car shipping company when he finished school, but moments like these really made him think twice about his decision. The cavern-like temple was filled end-to-end with statues of soldiers and horses, many wearing the kinds of fierce expressions that permanently etch themselves into the memory of any who see them. But the army stood perfectly still-not just because they were statues. The statues depicted a scene of an army standing as still as a tomb.

“Can’t wait to start returning requests for car shipping quotes all day long, huh, Phil?” Jayne taunted him endlessly about this. “You sure you don’t want to spend the rest of your life having these adventures with me?” She made a playfully-pouty face, framed by her shoulder-length chestnut-brown hair. She stood there and looked at him expectantly.

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